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Advanced Rider Training School - Track Info

CMP East Track


General Track Procedures

We have access to the track from 9:00am to 5:00pm (minus lunch break from 12pm - 1pm), and plan to take maximum advantage.

The riders have been divided into three groups, which are labeled Group 1, Group 2, and Group 3. Please note that there will be a mix of rider skill level in each group, so we require that you always be respectful of the other riders on the track at all times.

Each Group is further divided into sub-groups of approximately five riders each. Unless we require to make changes due to vastly different skill levels, your sub-group will remain together for most of the day. Each sub-group will be assigned 1-2 coaches for the day.

The track sessions last for ~20 minutes each. The start times are hr:00, hr:20, hr:40 for Group 3, Group 2 and Group 1 respectively. The lead marshal at Pit-Out will let your group know when it is safe to enter the track. The sub-groups may be separated by ~10 secs or so to help minimize congestion. When your group's scheduled track time is approaching please be ready or you will hold up your entire sub-group.

If there is an interruption to the schedule due to heavy rain or a rider incident, the times may be adjusted to ensure we all get roughly equal track time.

Pit-Out Procedures - how to safely enter the track.


You may not proceed onto the track until the pit-out marshal indicates it is safe. They will ensure an appropriate gap is available for your sub-group.  


Once the signal is given you may proceed. For additional safety, NEVER CROSS the blend line. This is a painted yellow line on the track as you pit-out that you must stay left of at all times.


Follow your coach!


Pit-Out Area

Pit-In Procedures - how to safely leave the track.


You must indicate your intention to pit-in after you pass corner 16. Indicate with a leg or hand in the air. This communicates to the rider or sub-group behind you that you are slowing and will be leaving the track.


At corner 17 you must stay TRACK LEFT while continuing to indicate your intentions. Stay TRACK LEFT until you exit near corner 19 (see map). Once the decision to exit has been indicated, you must pit-in.


Follow and mimic your coach!


If there is congestion on the track, your coach may elect to pit-in and proceed directly via the hot pit lane to pit-out. Once there the coach will indicate to the marshal that a gap is required.


Follow your coach!  


Pit-In - Use Arm (or leg) to Indicate leaving the track. Stay track left!

Student Passing is Not Permitted - Students are always required to stay with their coach and designated sub-group. There is no individual student passing allowed nor will it be tolerated.


SLOW ZONE - In order to allow group passing and student shuffle (see description below), we have designated a specific section of the track where these can be accomplished. The area indicated is to be treated as a slow zone that has two "lanes" designated left and right (think of the slow zone as an in-town area).


The right "lane" is to be used for transit and student shuffling.


The left "lane" is to be used for group passing only. Once the pass is completed, the lead coach will safely move back to the right "lane". The end of the designated slow zone is also the end of the two lane section, all riders are expected to go back on line at that point. Follow your coach!


Group Passing - All passing will be done as a sub-group in designated areas of the track only. The decision to pass or not will be taken by the coaches on track and is only done if there is a significantly slower sub-group in front.



Student Shuffle - Students directly following the lead coach have an advantage in that they can more easily follow the speed and line that is being demonstrated. In order for everyone to benefit from this position in the sub-group we have a student shuffle procedure. Periodically the lead coach of your sub-group will indicate with his or her left hand that a shuffle is to take place. The #1 student directly behind the lead coach will stay right and slow to allow space for the other students to move forward. The former #1 student continues to smoothly drop back to the back of the line of students. This maneuver is to be done in the designated area of the track only and while keeping to the right side of center at all times (see SLOW ZONE above).






Shuffle Signal - Lead coach will signal and expect the students behind to shuffle.

Corner Marshals

  • You will see the corner marshals are located as strategic locations on the track.
  • They are a critical component of our safety as they monitor the entire track for hazards or emergencies.
  • Radio communications are used between the stations.
  • Communication to the riders is done through FLAGS.





Start of session, or clear track ahead.



Incident or danger ahead, possible rider off track.

Slow down and exercise caution, do not pass.



Your session is completed, and this is your last lap.

Continue to ride normally, and Pit-In using proper procedures.



There is something wrong with you or your bike.

If it is your bike: carefully GET OFF LINE well to the side of the track and move to safety.

If it your behaviour: pit-in using proper procedures and speak to head marshal.



Session is temporarily stopped. An ambulance may have to come on track.

Slow and stop safely to the side of track at the next corner marshal station,

or properly pit-in, whichever is first. Do not continue until the marshal gives the applicable flag signal.

Do not do an emergency stop!



Debris or fluid on track - use caution.

When pointed at the sky it indicates there is rain on the track ahead - use caution.

Waving means there could be an animal on track!

Drones - The use of drones is strictly prohibited on the CMP compound unless operated by a commercial (licensed and insured) operator. Contact if you wish discuss operating a drone at this event.