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Welcome to BMWMC of Ottawa's Advanced Rider Training School

It is with much regret that we must once again announce that the next edition of our club’s advanced rider training course has been cancelled. We know that many of you were looking forward to the event this year.  

This is the second year in a row that the pandemic has played havoc with our plans.  We carefully considered our options, however decided that the best course of action for our club was to delay until 2022.  

Mark your calendars, we are hoping to see you on the track for 30 May 2022!  

Stay well and ride safely.

The ART Steering Committee

Key Registration Dates
Exclusive to BMWMC of Ottawa Members: 15 Jan 2022 - 1 Mar 2022 (must be paid by 1 March 2022) 
Affiliated Club Members: Opens 1 Mar 2022 (must be paid upon registration)
Non-Affiliated Registrants: Opens  1 Apr 2022 (must be paid upon registration) 

2020 Pricing Update

Thanks to the MOA Foundation and a generous
Chartered Club Training Grant we are now able to offer the ART 2020 program at a lower cost.

BMWMC of Ottawa and Affiliated Clubs: $265
Non-Affiliated Registrants: $315


Advanced Rider Training


ART has been developed by our club to help riders improve motorcycle skill, handling and confidence in cornering.  ART is not intended to be a "track school", it is a practical cornering school for club level riders that fills the gap between the between existing advanced "parking lot" courses and full track training.

We offer 50 participants the opportunity learn up to date theory on motorcycle cornering in a classroom following by on-track practice.  For the on-track sessions, you will be placed in groups of similar skill and experience levels.  The small groups will be led and followed by experienced coaches to ensure a controlled and safe learning environment.  You can expect up to seven 20 minute track sessions, in what will be a busy but very rewarding day.

Interview about ART School with Head Coach Jeff Miller


FAQ's (please read before registering!)

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Who is ART for?
Who is ART for?
Members get first priority on the limited slots available.  If there are slots left we open registration to others.

Participants are grouped by skill level so everyone can ride at an appropriate pace in a safe and controlled learning environment. 

This course is for you if you want to Ride Every Road Better™.

All riders must have a valid motorcycle driver's licence (M2 or M) and have at least 2000km of driving experience.

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What do I have to wear?
What do I have to wear?
ATGATT - Every rider must wear approved safety gear.  Full leathers are not required however quality gear (jacket and pants) with armour most definitely is.  Full face helmet (DOT) is also required.

Details are provided on the student resources page.  Participants are required to review it carefully and show up properly attired or you run the risk of not being allowed on the track.

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Do I have to modify my motorcycle?
Do I have to modify my motorcycle?
No you do not, however each bike must be inspected prior to ART to ensure that it is in good condition.  Any deficiencies must be corrected prior to going on the track.

An approved list of club inspectors and details can be found on the student resources page.

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How much does it cost?
How much does it cost?
The current rates for 2020:
$265 for club members,
$315 for non-club members.

Please note: no cancellations will be accepted after May 1st.  Substitutions may be possible if a suitable replacement rider is available.

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How many students do you accept?
How many students do you accept?
In general we cap registrations at 50, however we may accept a few more or less depending on the mix of riders in any given year. 

We run three levels to help keep the groups as homogeneous as possible, and try to balance the track slots to avoid overcrowding.  

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What if it rains?
What if it rains?
Advanced Rider Training is a rain or shine event. As you well know, late May can bring virtually any type of weather: cold, wet, humid or hot.  Keep an eye on the weather forecast as ART approaches and be prepared for the expected conditions.   

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Can I time my laps?
Can I time my laps?
Absolutely not!  ART is not about lap times, it is all about proper riding and cornering technique.  Timing laps will lead to your removal from the course.

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What about insurance?
What about insurance?
BMWMC of Ottawa has insurance for liability - not damages (other than damage to the CMP facility). Should your bike get damaged on the track,our policy will not cover damage to your bike. This is true for both  students and staff. 

It is the 
opinion of our broker that your personnel vehicle policy would cover damages since we do not race and we do not allow lap timing (we are striving to make you a more competent, confident and therefore safer rider). Resolution of a claim for damages is between the rider and his/her personal insurance policy.

2019 Advanced Rider Training School
Some great shots from ART 2019!

Key Dates


15 Jan 2020 - Registration open to BMWMC of Ottawa members.
1 Mar 2020 - Registration open to affiliated club members.
15 Mar 2020 - Registration open to public. 

30 Apr 2020 - No refunds issued after this date unless we have a suitable replacement on the waiting list.

25 Apr 2020 - 24 May 2020 - Technical Inspection of your motorcycle 

25 May 2020 - Advanced Rider Training School 2020

Why street riders need advanced cornering training!